30 Days Of iOS Tips: The Complete List

All throughout January, we were hard at work, publishing daily tips that highlight features in iOS that you may not have known about. Did you miss one? Here’s the complete list of tips—bookmark it for quick reference!

  1. Set Up VIPs in Mail
  2. Rearrange Items In Newsstand
  3. Add Outlines To Text-Only Buttons
  4. Forward Text Messages To Your Mac
  5. Set Up Or Change Your iPhone’s Passcode
  6. Respond To Unanswered Calls With A Text Message
  7. Set A Phonetic Name For Easier Siri Voice Dialing
  8. See Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery
  9. Disable Background App Refresh
  10. See How Much Storage Space Your Apps Use
  11. Turn On The Viewfinder Grid To Better Frame Your Photos
  12. Use iCloud Tabs To Get At Webpages Open On Other Devices
  13. Share Lists With Others In Reminders
  14. Rearrange The Shortcuts Toolbar In The iPhone’s Music App
  15. Change You Default Alert Sounds And Ringtone
  16. Rename Your iOS Device
  17. Schedule Do Not Disturb And Get Some Peace
  18. See What You’ve Listened To With iTunes Radio
  19. Add Or Rearrange Share Sheet Items
  20. Change Siri’s Voice And Language
  21. Choose What Appears In Spotlight Search Results
  22. Stop Receiving iMessages Or Phone Calls On Your iPad
  23. Use Siri To Find A Lost iPhone’s Owner
  24. Make iOS Automatically Clear Out Your Texting Logs
  25. Use Your Compass App As A Level
  26. Set A Different Alarm For Different Days
  27. Disable Control Center In Apps And The Lock Screen
  28. Share Calenders With Others
  29. Request To View The Desktop Version Of A Website In Safari
  30. Create Custom Notification Vibrations

Yes, we know there are 31 days in January but only 30 tips. We took New Year’s Day off. ;) Look for our next tips series starting Monday, February 2.

Nick spends way too much time in front of a computer, so he figures he may as well write about it. He's previously written for IDG's PCWorld and TechHive.