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The Macgasm website is a lively hub of original, high-quality content all about Apple devices delivered to you by real experts.

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Macgasm.net was published to accompany the Macgasm podcast – a show created by Joshua Schnell and Grant Brunner, which covered everything from the best iOS tower defense games to commentary on official Apple and Apple-related events.

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website visitors a month, which we attribute to years of perfecting our potent blend of great writing and technical competence.

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technical experts and content creators. We publish articles on a near-daily basis to keep up with the latest Apple news, new software updates and devices, and the evolving needs of Apple users.

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The main direction of Macgasm is the creation highest-quality:

Non-recycled troubleshooting guides
Very detailed how-to articles
Latest news in the Apple universe
Reviews about macOS and iOS software

To give you a better idea of what to expect, our recent top hits include a list of the 10 best Mac data recovery software, a guide on how to reсover deleted text messages on an iPhone, and a tutorial for connecting a Mac to a Samsung TV.

Apple soft

Each article is penned by skilled technical writers who personally own and test Apple devices, while our seasoned technical specialists work in their shadow. Any featured software, tips, and troubleshooting methods are manually tested by us multiple times to provide accurate and reliable insights. In fact, it takes several stages for a content piece to get published on our website thanks to rigorous QA checks by our editorial and technical teams. Think we’re exaggerating? Check out our editorial guidelines. We do all this so we can deliver to you the best informative content on everything Apple. Editorial guidelines

Who We Are

We are a team of writers, developers, and technical specialists from all around the world who share two things in common: we all own Apple products and we really, really like them. We put tons of effort into crafting, reviewing, and editing our articles because we want to be the #1 resource for our fellow Apple users. Get to know your resident Apple experts:

Our team

Editor and Tech approver

Roman Kropachek
Roman Kropachek

Roman is a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur that is always on the forefront of innovations.  He quickly embraces new technologies and conveys them to others. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. As an editor and tech approver, Roman is responsible for reviewing and fact-checking Macgasm articles before publication.

Staff writers

Alejandro Santos

104 articles published

Alejandro is Macgasm’s Chief Writer and Apple ecosystem enthusiast. He pens the majority of troubleshooting guides and software reviews for this website, tapping into his love for technology and extensive background in technical writing. He is currently learning Swift on his MacBook Pro M1 so he can develop his own pomodoro app for his iPad Pro 11 and 2nd generation 256GB iPhone SE.

Robert Agar

3 articles published

Robert Agar is a technical writer with over thirty years of IT experience. He specializes in topics like data recovery, security, and regulatory compliance. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Pace University, New York, Robert shares his knowledge with readers. At Macgasm, he reviews software and ensures content accuracy through proofreading. He writes from a home office in Northeastern Pennsylvania with the assistance of two green-cheek conures.

Joel Lockard

23 articles published

Joel Lockard, a tech enthusiast with a lifelong love for gadgets, gained experience selling Apple devices and even earned certification as an Apple Sales Professional. When not flying as an Airline Pilot, Joel immerses himself in technology, particularly Apple-related gear and Mac apps. Joel has a special talent for making tech talk easy to understand, and he generously shares tips on fixing Mac and iPhone issues on Macgasm.

Sandy Writtenhouse

3 articles published

Sandy Writtenhouse is a tech writer with a special love for Apple products. With her BS in Information Technology and experience in the IT industry, she has helped others learn more about technology through thousands of how-tos and tips. At Macgasm she dives into iOS-related topics, skillfully applying her expertise to ensure your iPhone function seamlessly.

Jeff Cochin

70 articles published

Jeff Cochin has more than ten years of experience in data recovery, management and warehousing. On Macgasm he mostly writes about Apple news and software reviews. Jeff’s journey with Macbooks began in 2008, showcasing his enduring commitment to the Apple ecosystem. He proudly owns an iPhone 14, rounding out his tech arsenal. Jeff holds a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Delaware.

David Morelo

46 articles published

David Morelo is a seasoned technology writer with a decade of professional experience and a Bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics. At Macgasm, he mainly writes product reviews and in-depth guides, with a focus on macOS and iOS. David’s tech journey began at the age of 11, when he assembled his first Windows PC and later used it to explore the Linux world. His curiosity eventually led him to the Hackintosh community and, soon after that, to the nearest Apple store. Today, he’s an avid Mac and iPhone user who enjoys the coziness of the Apple software ecosystem.

Alex Thompson

5 articles published

Alex Thompson is a writer who’s made a career out of making complex topics easy to understand for readers. His expertise spans technical subjects like cryptocurrency and cybersecurity, where he crafts content tailored to his audience. A dedicated Mac user, Alex shares insights on Macgasm, focusing on Macbook apps and built-in features. He holds a BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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