Best Android File Transfer Alternatives of 2024

We will help you find the best app for transferring files from Android to Mac.

If you’re looking for an Android File Transfer alternative for Mac, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find a good and reliable app. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best alternatives to Android File Transfer, including their pros and cons. This is helpful if you can’t fix Android File Transfer. We’ll cover everything about paid and free apps, and even answer some of your most frequently asked questions about AFT alternatives.

Android File Transfer Replacements with Free Versions

Users situation:

Are there any recommended alternative apps to Android File Transfer? Much the time it won’t work/connect unless the Quest or my Mac are restarted… Perhaps I’m missing out on a great alternative app or method! — Reddit 

If you’re looking for an alternative to Android File Transfer Mac, we’re about to review the best 10 decisions right here. Android file transfer software is the best choice to make media backups. Keep reading to learn more about the apps and the pros and cons of each.

App 1. MacDroid

MacDroid is a file transfer app, which is the best alternative to Android File Transfer for Mac and helps you transfer files from your Android device to your Mac and vice versa. MacDroid works via USB and Wi-Fi and lets you view, edit, and transfer files from one device to another.

With this application, you can use your Mac as a repository for your files


You can mount both the internal and external storage of your Android device as a disk on Mac, and choose three modes: Wi-Fi mode, ADB mode (multi-operation) which is designed for more advanced users, or MTP (single-operation) mode which is a quick and easy way to connect your Android devices to Mac for file transfer.

  • Supports macOS 10.15 and newer
  • Works with all Android devices
  • Three operation modes to choose from
  • View device internal and external storage
  • Affordable annual subscription
  • Free version allows to transfer files from phone to Mac (one direction only)

OS: macOS

Price: free, PRO version – $19.99 per year

App 2. SyncMate

SyncMate is sync software for Mac that also doubles up as file transfer software and that is a great alternative to Android File Transfer for Mac. With SyncMate you can sync any iOS or Android device with your Mac, quickly and easily, keeping data in sync between all your devices.

At any time you can have access to your files on your Android device.

You can also sync with cloud storage services or Microsoft services. SyncMate lets you sync everything from contacts and calendars to photos and videos, either automatically – you can set up auto-sync, or on-demand.

  • Works with Android and iOS devices
  • Fast syncing
  • Can set up auto-sync
  • Affordable one-time license fee
  • Keeps data in sync across all your devices, cloud storage services, etc.
  • Can only sync calendars and contacts with the free version
  • Doesn’t currently support syncing with iOS 14 devices

OS: macOS

Price: free, SyncMate Expert prices start from $39.95

Download: SyncMate

App 3. OpenMTP

Those looking for Android File Transfer alternative Mac may want to give OpenMTP a shot. This file transfer software is designed for macOS and Android devices and it’s free and open source.

The app is easy to use and the file transfer is very fast.

It works with Samsung, LG, and HTC phones although may be unstable with some other manufacturers’ phones, like OnePlus and Xiaomi. With fast transfer speeds, a simple, intuitive interface, and a simple drag and drop transfer system, it’s easy to use and reliable.

  • Two pane layout for drag and drop file transfers
  • Fast transfer speeds
  • Dark mode
  • Grid and list view options
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
  • May take longer to get support if you have a problems
  • Does not work with iPhone or iPad

OS: macOS

Price: free

Download:  OpenMTP

App 4. HandShaker

HandShaker is a free app designed for Mac that works with most Android devices. Previously called SmartFinder, HandShaker is a lightweight app with a gorgeous interface that’s easy to use thanks to drag and drop file transfers. It supports batch imports and exports, lets you connect via USB or wirelessly, and allows you to manage both the internal and external storage of your Android device.

Тhe application has many disadvantages, but even more advantages.

However, transfer speeds are fairly slow, and there’s limited support available if you encounter any issues using the software. Note that this isn’t an Android File Transfer alternative for Mac OS 10.6 as it will only work with OS X 10.9 or later.

  • Works with most Android devices
  • Drag and drop transfers
  • USB or wireless connectivity
  • Works with macOS X 10.9 or later
  • Batch import and export
  • Sometimes fails in work
  • Transfer speeds are fairly slow
  • Support is limited

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: free

Download: HandShaker

App 5. Samsung Messages Backup

Samsung Messages Backup is software for Windows and Mac that’s been mentioned as an Android File Transfer Mac alternative Reddit. It allows you to backup files with one click. As well as accessing your phone’s internal storage it can also scan external storage such as an SD card, and you can preview files on your Mac, selecting them one by one.

The app also works well for Windows.

Samsung Messages Backup works with macOS X 10.7 and later and Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. It also works with a wide range of Android phones including Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and more. You can download the software for free but you’ll need to buy a license to access all its features.

  • View device’s internal and external storage
  • Compatible with most Android phones
  • Manage SMS on Mac
  • Preview feature
  • Backup files with one click
  • Can be difficult to uninstall according to some review
  • Need to buy a license to access all feature

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: free

Download: Samsung Messages Backup

AFT Alternatives — Paid Apps

App 1. Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone is file transfer software for all operating systems and also that’s an excellent Android File Transfer Mac alternative. It works with all Android versions and lets you transfer a wide range of data between your Android phone and Mac – you can even transfer data between two mobile devices.

The app is very reliable, but if there are problems they have very fast email support.

Dr. Fone is very easy to use and although there’s no free version (except the demo version), it is reasonably priced too. You can use it to manage your Android device(s) on your computer, and even to transfer iTunes to Android, or as a backup recovery tool. If you get stuck, there’s email support and they promise to get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Backup recovery tool
  • Fast email support
  • Safe and secure
  • No free version
  • Data recovery feature sometimes fails to recover all files

OS: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

Price: starts from $29.95

Download: Dr.Fone

App 2. Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is file management software for Mac and Windows that works with both iOS and Android devices and is an excellent Android File Transfer alternative. Wondershare TunesGo is compatible with iOS 13, Android 10, and macOS 11.2. You can transfer and backup almost any type of file from contacts to photos, music, and more.

One of the best apps on our list, the only drawback is there is no free version.

The software supports a wide range of file types and even lets you transfer files between Android or iOS devices and iTunes, plus it supports phone to phone or phone to tablet transfers. Wondershare TunesGo also has a powerful file explorer and comes with free lifetime updates, one-to-one support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • One to one support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Supports phone to phone transfers
  • Supports transfer from Android to iTunes and vice versa
  • No free version
  • Expensive compared to some other software

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: starts from $29.95

Download: Wondershare TunesGo

App 3. MobiKin Assistant for Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android is an alternative to Android File Transfer for Mac that works with macOS X 10.9 and later. There’s a free trial or you can buy the software for $29.95. MobiKin Assistant for Android works with most Android phones and has an intuitive interface with no ads.

File transfer is rather slow, but if a problem arises, support will help you quickly.

It allows you to manage both the internal and external storage of your phone, delete and copy files, and preview files on your computer. There’s also a one-click backup and restore feature and the option to send and reply to SMS on Mac.

  • Free trial and preview feature
  • One-click backup and restore
  • Send and reply to SMS on Mac
  • Connect via USB or Wi-Fi
  • There are a few different versions, so make sure you download the right one
  • Doesn’t support all file types and can be slow

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: $29.95 per year

Download: MobiKin Assistant

App 4. Syncios

Syncios is an app that’s the best alternative to Android File Transfer for Mac option. This is a free backup and file transfer tool for Mac that you can use with your Android phone. It supports one-click backup to Mac and also lets you transfer data between phones. As well as supporting all Android devices it also works with iOS devices and supports a wide range of phone brands.

One of the best applications on this list, the only drawback does not work well with large files.

You can use Syncios to transfer almost any file type between devices and even extract iTunes backups to Android devices. It’s completely free to use and easy to get started and works with macOS X 10.9.0 and later.

  • Free to use, easy and intuitive
  • Works with all Android and iOS devices
  • Supports a wide range of phone brands
  • Supports phone to phone transfer
  • Extract iTunes backups to Android
  • Some users have reported it won’t transfer/backup extremely large files

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: $29.95/year

Download: Syncios

App 5. Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac

Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is an all-in-one Android file manager and Android File Transfer alternative that works with macOS X 10.9 or later. It supports one-click backup and restore and allows you to select individual files to export and import. You can also preview, edit, delete, and add Android files on Mac.

The connection via Wi-Fi may not be stable and sometimes give its own.

Coolmuster works with almost all Android phones and tablets and it’s fairly easy to use. There’s a free demo mode to try out the software after which you can purchase a one-year license for one Mac for $29.95.

  • Free demo
  • Affordable license fee
  • Preview feature
  • Connect via USB or Wi-Fi
  • Speedy file transfers and one-click backup
  • Wi-Fi connection can be unstable
  • Only one type of license with annual payment
  • Tricky to initially set up as you need to turn on USB debugging

OS: macOS, Windows

Price: $29.95 per year

Download: Coolmuster Android Assistant

Comparison Table

NameType of connectionSupported OSFree versionPrice
SyncMateUSBmacOSyesfrom $39.95
OpenMTPUSBmacOSyesno cost
HandShakerUSB / wirelesslymacOS, Windowsyesno cost
Dr.FoneUSBmacOS, Windows, iOS, Androidnofrom $29.95
Samsung Messages BackupUSB / wirelesslymacOS, Windowsfreeno cost
Wondershare TunesGoUSB / wirelesslymacOS, Windowsnofrom $29.95
MobiKin AssistantUSB / wirelesslymacOS, Windowsno$29.95
SynciosUSBmacOS, Windowsno$29.95
Coolmuster Android AssistantUSB / wirelesslymacOS, Windowsno$29.95


We hope this article has helped you to find out more about some of the different Android File Transfer alternatives for Mac. If you’re considering purchasing any of these Android File Transfer alternative apps, we recommend trying a demo or trial version first, if possible, and ensuring you watch online reviews before making a decision, as this will often be helpful.

Also, check to ensure you’re aware how much the software costs. Some programs on our list are free, others have a one-time license fee and others charge a monthly or annual subscription.


Android File Transfer can be unreliable and doesn’t work with Mac, but there are better alternative apps out there. We’ve listed ten of the best alternatives in our article above, including paid and free programs.
In our opinion, the best Android File Transfer alternative for Mac is MacDroid. It works with Mac and all Android devices, is affordable and intuitive to use, and transfers files quickly. There are also two operation modes to choose from, depending on your level of experience.
It’s easy to transfer files from Android to Mac. The easiest way is to use Android File Transfer alternative software, that will make it quick and easy to transfer files. You can choose any of the programs from our list.
Transferring files from Android to PC is easy as these two natively support each other. You can use software like Android File Transfer, or transfer files using Bluetooth, USB cable, or a whole range of other methods.

Here are the steps you can try to fix the file transfer issue:

  • Check if the “File transfer” mode is enabled on your Android device.
  • Check the USB cable and USB port on your Mac for damages.
  • Make sure your Mac has the latest updates.
  • Try restarting your devices.
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