Turn a video podcast into an audio only version right on your iPhone.

I don’t really have any scientific evidence to suggest that audio only podcasts don’t kill battery life as fast as video podcasts do, but common sense seems to indicate that this might be a great way to save a couple minutes of battery life. We know that video playback as a whole drains the life of the battery a lot quicker than just listening, but this little hack might not fully fit into that categorization. It’s still pretty neat if you ask me!

This works great if your favourite podcasters neglect an audio only version of the podcast, or if you’re at work and need to kill some time.

Here’s the tip:

  1. Start your video podcast like you normally would.
  2. Let it play for a couple seconds then, hit your sleep button (the silver button on top of the device). This closes the video entirely.
  3. Now double click your home button, this should bring up the iPod controls.
  4. Hit Play.
  5. You’re now in audio only mode.
  6. You’ll remain in audio only unless you unlock the screen by “sliding to unlock”

[Thanks goes out to @eastscene for the tip.]

[image via Steve Keys]

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