Turn off that annoying clucking when you use the volume buttons

You know what annoys me the most? That horrendous clicky-cluck that plays through my speakers when I try to turn up the volume with the volume keys. Sure, we all like feedback about what we’re doing, but isn’t the visual enough? I mean, it’s not so bad at low levels or on my laptop, but when you’re rocking out to some loud tunes…now that gets annoying really fast. It makes my ears bleed every time. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn that annoying sound off?

Well, some people at apple must have felt the same way because they give you the ability to do it straight in the sound preferences. Open the system preferences, open the Sound section, uncheck the play feedback when volume is changed. I know what your thinking, I can’t believe this idiot blogger didn’t know that! Well I didn’t, and there’s a good chance someone else out there didn’t either, so there you have it!

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