Search by Label Color.

You know how you can “Find” stuff in a Finder window when hitting CMD+F? Well you can use a bunch of smart options to filter your searches. There’s some nice options, but the real power lies in the “Other” listing. There’s probably a hundred other options available to you. My favourite out of the bunch is by label. I’ve been known to use labels for stupid things in the past, but it’s also helped me organize files and where a certain file might be in my work flow. For instance, a completed design composition might get a blue label, and something that needs immediate attention gets a red label. Being able to search by these labels adds a great deal of flexibility to my work flow.

To get access to them you’ll have to click the other option, then search for label. If you want it to be available all the time make sure you click the check box beside it. Click okay, and you’re off to the races. Here’s a photo gallery showing how easy it is to set up, and how good it is at finding my labelled files.

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