How To Put The Pizzazz Back Into Apple Keynotes – A ReadKit Tip

One of our writers, who shall remain nameless, just lamented in our group chat about Apple keynotes no longer holding any intrigue for him because of all the rumors that spoil announcement days before Apple actually takes the stage. It got me thinking, and I’ve come up with a dirty solution: filter your RSS.

I’ve managed to set up a filter to completely filter out Apple rumors in ReadKit (an RSS reader) for OS X. Using the applications smart filters you can actually set up a stream that excludes posts that contain keywords like iPhone 6, iPad mini 2, and iPad 5.

  1. Open ReadKit (4.99 on the AppStore)
  2. Select File, then “Add Smart Folder…”
  3. Set up a new filtering system. I opted for “Any of the following are true”
  4. Then, click the plus icon to add new search criteria.
  5. Select content, then not contains text, then add the keyword you wish to filter out. In my case it was iPhone 6
  6. Once you’re done adding one, you can add another, and another until you filter out as many keywords as you wish.

There you go, you’ll see zero rumors in your new Smart Feed, and you’ll be able to put some of the pizazz back into Apple announcement days. We can all take a trip back to 2006 and get that amazed feeling back again.

As an aside, you’re gonna have to manage the smart folder every time a new round of rumors start popping up again.

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