Why Mobile Me Sucks Pt. 2 — Free Calendar syncing with Google’s Calaboration.

It’s pretty obvious that one of the major approaches to Mobile Me is syncing technology, it’s supposed to make it easy, but what they fail to tell you is just how easy it is to do all this stuff without paying the cost. Syncing calendars falls under this category. You can do it with mobile me, or you can do it for free with some Google services. Google calendar is an excellent way to sync your calendars. You can get them online from anywhere, or you can sync them with iCal. It gives you a whole slew of possibilities.

Phase One – Set up your Google Calendar

The first step is to log into Google calendar and set up as many different calendars as you need.

  1. Login in to Google calendar
  2. On the left side of the screen there’s a bunch of boxes with rounded corners. The one in the middle has a link that says create. Click it
  3. Fill out the info it asks then click “create calendar” at the bottom of the form

Phase one is complete.

Phase Two – Sync with Calaboration (Yeah, that’s how it’s spelled!)

The second part to this is the point where we actually get our calendars into iCal. Google has given us Calaboration. It’s in beta like everything else Google does but it works really well. You put in your credentials, and it’s going to ask you what calendars you want to import. Do this on multiple machines, and set up your iPhone to sync to those calendars in iTunes and you now have a fully syncing Calendar.

Phase Three – Save your cash

Did I mention Mobile Me is a waste of cash?

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