Mac OS X Tip – Screen Capture

We all know that we can use “Grab” from the Utilities Folder to make a screen grab or a window grab.  However, I have a tip that makes this a whole lot simpler.  This will take some hand coordination, but after you master this you’ll ask yourself “Why didn’t I learn this sooner?”  The tip I’m talking about is “Screen Capture”.  To perform this, you’ll need to hold down Command+Shift+4.  Now your mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair with coordinates.  Now simply drag your crosshair over the area you want to capture.  Once you captured your screen, you will hear a camera snapshot sound.  The saved image is now saved to your desktop as a .png file, which is a “Portable Network Graphics” file.  That’s it.  Now take your screen captures, and place them into a document or email.

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from my System Preferences

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