iTunes Tip: Hate a track but don’t want to delete it? Uncheck it

In today’s audio podcast we talk about managing your iTunes playlists, and the ways that we each manually manage our music. Deleting tracks came up, and if you’re interested in the ways that we leverage iTunes you should give it a listen.

I went on record saying that I’m not particularly inclined to delete a single track unless it bugs the heck out of me, and if I do delete something it’s a rarity. But, I wasn’t fully honest.  I disable tracks so that I don’t have to listen to them. There is a way to skip tracks so that you don’t have to hear them while you’re listening to an album or playlist.

If you hate a track but don’t want to delete it, you can uncheck the checkbox beside the track name. This stops the track from playing when iTunes gets to it in your playlists, and instead it’ll just jump to the next track.  It’s pretty simple, and chances are that if you’re annoyed with a track you’re probably going to iTunes to skip it anyway.

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