How about a clipboard with Bonjour support?

After doing some research on clipboard enhancers I stumbled across an application named Stuf.  It has an excellent premise that I thought I should pass along.  Essentially it’s like every other clipboard application you can add files, folders, text, and images, but where this one stands apart is that you can share your clipboard over Bonjour.  What this means is that you’re able to share content across a network really quickly.  Can you imagine how beneficial this would be in an office setting?  Need to share aTPS report?  Copy it, and then let your boss get it himself, he should earn his pay to, right?

The really cool thing is that it supports multiple clipboards with some settings to keep some stuff private:

You can have any number of clipboards you want. So, I could make a clipboard called “My love letters”, and choose not to share it. This means that the clipboard is not available on the network at all, and only on the Mac you are using. Alternatively, maybe I’ve got another clipboard called “Customer quotes” which I’m happy to share with my colleagues, but maybe not other people on the network. In this case, I’d share the clipboard on the network, but I’d set a password, which I would only tell my colleagues.

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