Firefox Address bar tricks

Here are a couple tricks to keep you speeding along without switching to another search bar. The first is auto complete, for some reason my ISP (RR) actually was controlling this until I disabled it. This might be true for your ISP also. So to enable this you must open firefox and create another tab, in the address bar type “about:config” then in the search bar at the top type ” browser.urlbar.autoFill” that will give you result. You need to double click that to make the value true. Simply restart firefox and it will now auto complete based on what you have typed in the past.

The next is letting the address bar become the new search bar. Allowing you to type tags or complete searching and having google search them. Open “about:config” if its not already and search for “keyword.url”. Double click and paste “”, this will now allow you to use google search in the address bar. Enjoy!