Big Mean Folder Machine: Getting Your Files in Order

Working with photoshop on a daily basis means that I have graphics files all over the place: on my desktop, in my user folders, in specific project locations. It can get messy, and becomes extremely annoying to keep track of. Big Mean Folder Machine lets you take control of your filing systems and get everything to where you need it.

By setting up certain criteria, such as file types, Big Mean Folder Machine will separate all of your designated files into the locations that you have previously determined. For instance, “splitting your overfull ‘Documents’ folder into one subfolder per file type (e.g. all Word documents, all Excel, all PDF documents into separate folders)”. This app can also work in reverse and collect file types, so, say you are looking to merge a number of photo archives, or music files–this is all possible now. The Upside to this is that it takes care of duplicate files for you automatically, so you no longer have to worry about versions being overwritten.

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