Alphabetize your Lists in VoodooPad

I am a list fanatic. I make three or four lists each and every day, and most of them are stream of consciousness. I’ll list off items as they come into my head, and that leaves the list very unorganized for later use. Thankfully, there is a very easy method of cleaning up lists in VoodooPad — my favorite text editor/wiki solution.

First off, select the text you want to clean up, and then select the Plug-in menu from the menu bar. Now make your way down the list to the “Alphabetize” option.

There you go. Your list is now pretty and organized. This tiny little feature makes my life easier on a daily basis, and I hope it can help you out as well.

If you have any good VoodooPad tips, please feel free to share them in the comments or via e-mail. If I like your tip, I might just write about it here at Macgasm.

Image Credit: FlyingMeat

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