New iPod Touch now supported by Find My iPhone app

The new iPod Touch is just as sexy as the iPhone 4. I know a lot of people who would be just as heartbroken if someone were to steal their device, or if they managed to somehow lose it. Apple feels the same way: they’ve included the new iPod Touch in the “Find My iPhone” app update.

Just so we’re clear, they’ve mentioned that it’s solely for the “new iPod Touch,” so this doesn’t include your previous version. Secondly, it requires Mobile Me ($60+ on Amazon) to use. Third, we’re not exactly sure just how useful the application is going to be without 3G capabilities. If we had to hazard a guess, Apple probably intends it to be used more around the house to find your iPod as opposed to out in the street.

We’ve got an email in to Apple asking about how the iPod Touch integration now works with “Find My iPhone,” so hopefully we’ll have more details shortly.

Article Via @cdewill

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