News Roundup For Thursday May 28th

The Apple Watch has managed to diffuse quite a bit of the rumor mill ahead of WWDC. That means that we have some actual news for you to take a look at. If you like these posts, let us know over at our Twitter account. Also if you have any stories you think need to be included let us know.

1. Whatever Happened To The Digital Hub?

Stephen Hackett writing for iMore gives the oral history of Apple’s Digital Hub strategy. Born during the heady days before the iPod, this was the strategy was to make your Mac the center of your digital life.

This lead to iMovie, Garage Band, iTunes, and eventually the iPod. It closes out lamenting the end of the Mac as a hub, as we’re now carrying around more than a few devices that carry our entire digital lives. (I might just have a problem.)

2. Jeff Williams Stokes The Rumor Flames.

Recode had their first Code Conference, similar to what Swisher and Mossberg did over at All Things D. Apple’s new COO, Jeff Williams, sat down with Mossberg to discuss the state of Apple. They covered a huge series of topics: diversity, labor conditions, the future of the Apple Watch, and the possibility of an Apple Car.

When Williams was asked about the possible industries Apple could enter with its huge war chest, he called the car the “ultimate mobile device.” I am not sure if that’s meant to give analysts a new nail to hang their hat on after the death of the TV rumors. What I am sure about is that we’re going to see some wild photoshops of Apple cars.

3. Apple Is So Successful They’re Doomed

Okay probably not. Dave Mark over at The Loop links to a report that reports huge growth for the value of Apple’s brand. With a growth in value of nearly 70%, Apple is far and away the most valuable brand in the world. It’s coming up roses for nerds of all stripes, as the top four is rounded out by Google, Microsoft, and IBM. Amazon and Facebook also make the top 100.

At this point it’s just silly to speculate about the forthcoming doom for any of these companies, barring some serious mismanagement. Also worth noting is that a few Chinese brands make the list as well: Tencent and Baidu.

4. Macbook, STAT!

Apple Rumors reports that Apple is partnering with Postmates to offer same dame delivery in select cities. If you’re outside of Postmates’ area, you aren’t going to see the same day option. Apparently this has been available through the Postmate’s app previously, but it’s now endorsed by Apple.

I took a look at Postmates’ site, and there is a pretty good selection of cities. It’s not where I live yet, but take a look to see if your city is on there. To be honest I am relieved, I’m not sure that I need to make it easier to spend money at the Apple Store.

5. What App Store Search Problem

After indexing their own Play┬áStore, Google is going to start indexing iOS apps for inclusion in search results. This means that you would be able to search for a restaurant and get a link to book the table in the Open Table app. (If you’re searching using the Google app for iOS.) Read the blog posts for more information on what you’ll need to do for inclusion.

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