Apple Updates the App Approval Process

Apple has finally decided Developers needed some more help with the review process. Turns out their answer is status updates. If you’re writing for the iPhone you now get the ability to see if your application is Ready for Sale, In Review, or Waiting for Review. Just the type of information developer needs. I mean, it’s far from in depth discussion about what’s happening to the application, but I guess you could say it’s a tiny step in the right direction. Could the next step be that they’re going to actually participate in an open dialogue with developers who have their applications pulled? One can dream.

I guess it lends some credence to the rumours that Apple was completely unready for the boom that the Apple Store had in the early days. How a review process could be devoid of any developer feedback from the get-go is a little beyond me, but at least they’re addressing it, slowly. Hopefully they make the appropriate changes they need before another major iPhone developer decides it’s time to leave the iPhone behind. Apple’s become its own achilles heal when it comes to App Store developers jumping ship. They’re marginalizing developers who actually care about the platform, and instead making it easy for people whose prime objective is making a dollar instead of making useful applications.

I wrote an article last week about why I write about the Apple community, but if things continue as they are now, there might not be much of a community to write about, and there’s only so many times I can write about fart apps.  I really hope they don’t cut off developer’s interests in a phone that has the capability to really change the way we use phones.  It’d be a real shame if students like this Nicholas Spencer, to the left, never gets to see his creations working on a device that he clearly loves. Look at that smile Apple, we don’t want to turn that to a frown do we?  Let’s make this as easy as possible for guys like Mr. Spencer so that they can focus on creating applications instead of figuring out what hoops they need to jump through to get their applications published.

Photo Credit: Dean Terry

Article Via: Wired

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