Live Interior 3D

Have you been thinking about redesigning a room in your house, or maybe you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen.  Whatever you have in mind Live Interior 3D can assist you.  From their vast template libraries to their custom and blank templates, you’ll be able to knock that renovation out in no time.

Right off the bat I started to play with some of the predefined office templates.  I was able to move objects in real 3D space. Live Interior also allowed me to add and remove furniture or decorations.  You’re not limited to the stock template and you also have three different views.  The first is the layout view.  In this view you get to see the layout of the room or rooms.  The next one is a split view.  Here you can view both the layout view and the 3D view.  Finally, there’s the 3D view.  I personally like to work in the layout view and then do some minor tweaking in 3D view.

If you have a room already envisioned you can use the blank template and start designing a room that will suit your needs.  With a blank canvas you can access all of Live Interior 3D’s objects such as doors, windows, and furniture.  You’ll also be able to move items around just as you do in the predefined templates.

If you’ve never used a design program before, and you’re a little apprehensive about getting started.  I would suggest checking out Belight Software’s forum and support site.  They have great videos and how-to’s that can get you started.  They also offer product documentation and contact information.  I watched several of their videos, and they answered a lot of questions I had.

Belight Software offers two different versions of Live Interior 3D.  One is Live Interior 3D Standard Edition and the other is Live Interior 3D Pro Edition.  Below is a comparison chart from Belight Software highlighting key features in both, along with the price of each:

Live Interior 3D Standard & Pro Editions Comparison Chart

FeatureLive Interior 3D
Standard Edition
Live Interior 3D
Pro Edition
Multi-story supportmax 2 storiesunlimited
Roof support++
Supplied 3D Object Library1200+ 3D Objects1200+ 3D Objects
Supplied Material Library1500+ Materials1500+ Materials
Google 3D Warehouse™ Integration
(online database of 3D objects)
Editing 3D objects directly from the program using Google SketchUp™+
Light Source Editor that allows to add and adjust multiple light sources within any furniture object to create lamps+
Wall Designer, that allows to create custom openings, niches, wall panels within walls+
Material Editor to create and adjust supplied and custom materialsMaterial Composer (create custom materials)Advanced Material Editor (create and adjust materials)
Shoot movies of your interior and export them to Quick Time videos+
(max quality 640×480)
(up to HDTV quality 1920×1080)
QTVR support, to create 360° panorama views of your interior+
(max quality 640×480)
(max quality 1024×768 high density)
Export interior view to high resolution images in JPEG, TIFF, PNG and BMP+
(max quality 1024×768)
(max quality 3360×2400, custom size supported)
Pricefrom $49.95from $129.95

Before I forget the other key feature in Live Interior 3D is the Google 3D Warehouse™ Integration.  Here you can access additional 3D objects that you can download and add to your project.  When I was designing an office I didn’t see a Mac computer in Live Interior 3D’s objects.  So, I went to the Google 3D Warehouse™, and I typed in Mac in the search field.  I was presented with Apple laptops and desktops.  When I typed in iMac they had almost every version of the iMac made by Apple.

Overall I was happy and impressed with Live Interior 3D Pro.  I was happy with it because I wasn’t constrained to their templates.  I could customize it to my hearts content.  I was also impressed with the vast library of 3D objects, as well as the ones you can get from Google.  If you want to tackle that next home improvement or room redesign, and you want to use Live Interior 3D click here, and you’ll be directed to the download site.

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