Apple Earnings, Fake Apple Store Employee, And The History Of Selling Out In Our Weekly Reading Roundup


Last week Apple announced their Q1 2014 earnings this week, and they managed to set records in nearly every product category. This still did not meet Wall Street’s expectations, some analysts reporting that they are still waiting for iSingularity before holding Apple stock. Carl Ichan doubled down on his Apple love, buying another $500 million of Apple stock. While showing confidence in Apple, it also likely boosts position in forcing Tim Cook into a Stock buyback. We got some usage numbers on iOS 7, with Apple reporting nearly 80% of active iOS users having upgraded. Granted it’s not like it’s easy to say no to Software Update. The ongoing NSA scandal has been a thorn in the side of Apple and other US tech companies. Apple released their data on requests from the US government. Tim Cook would like more disclosure, likely something he discussed in his meeting with President Obama.

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