Woz wrong about Apple’s acquisition of Nuance

A couple of days ago, a video surfaced on the internet that had Woz talking about Apple’s purchase of Nuance. We didn’t run it because we figured we would have heard more about something huge like that. Nuance Communications isn’t exactly a mom and pops store, and they have a pretty large market cap (5.28B).

Apple passing 5.2 billion dollars to Nuance wouldn’t go unnoticed by anyone, and unless Woz had advanced knowledge, and was dropping the details before the contract was signed, it was pretty obvious that this was nothing more than a rumor. We have a lot of respect for Woz, and he’s smart enough to know what he can and cannot talk about, should he have had advanced knowledge of a deal.

He thought the deal was done already, and he was talking about it like it was common knowledge.

That got us thinkging. Was Woz talking about Apple’s acquisition of Siri earlier this year? But, we decided it would be best to keep our opinions to ourselves until we knew for sure what was going on.

While we will never be sure if Woz was referring to Siri when he mentioned Nuance by name, we now know that Apple did not purchase Nuance. The Woz has retracted his statement.

The poor guy has had a tough couple of weeks. First he was misquoted as saying that Android was going to be better than the iPhone, and now he misspoke about a Nuance acquisition.  The announcement that Apple purchased Nuance sent the NUAN stock climbing, and then falling again when Woz debunked himself.

We forgive him though. If it wasn’t for him, most of us wouldn’t be able to sit here and prognosticate about technology.

Article Via Electronista
Photo Credit: TrendHunter

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