World of Warcraft : Cataclysm pre-sale

Games giant Blizzard is offering you the chance to pre-order the digital version of their new expansion Cataclysm. This means if you make the purchase, when the game is officially available on December 7th, you can access it right away.

Once you place your pre-order, you will be charged the same day and not the day it is released. Then it is only a matter of logging in to your account after you purchase it, and you will receive the data as it is available. This is brilliant, as it allows you to get all the download completed before the day it goes live. What a perfect way to spend an evening, the new WOW expansion pack on an iMac.

You can’t pre-order the disks for the game from Blizzard, but some stores will offer pre-orders of the boxes as well as Collector’s Editions.

This is good news, but I wonder if the die hard devoted fans will still want to queue at the shops and wait for their copy the ‘old fashioned’ way. I have spoken with fans who have been looking at a Collector’s Edition they are releasing that has all sorts of goodies included with it, as well as a steep price tag. I actually enjoyed waiting in the big line-ups for the new iPhone, and I can see that WoW fans may want that same feeling. It’s really an amazing atmosphere.

Pre-sale is available with the realms available to launch on the following:

Americas, Australia and South East Asia – December 7th at 12:01 AM PST
Europe and Russia – December 7th at 12:01 AM CET

Worgens and Goblins will be one of the first exciting new changes for players, as you now get access to these classes with Cataclysm.

Also worth noting is that if you wanted that exclusive World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition in game pet, you will have to buy a physical copy at a retailer.

Check out all the pre-sale info right from Blizzard.

Will you be one of the fans to grab this pre-order now, or are you wanting to get to the shops selling copies at midnight?

Article Via Inside Mac Games

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