Verizon is not panicking, nor are they buying up iPhone-based domains

It’s 2011 and companies might still be worried about squatters on the internet, but Verizon isn’t one of them. Reports circulating the internet have Verizon buying up iPhone-based domains, but they’re wrong: Verizon is not on a spending frenzy, picking up Verizon iPhone-related URLs before the kids hocking Viagra and Cialis can get their hands on them.

DNS searches and URL look-ups show that Verizon does have access to two iPhone related URLs, but that those URLs were registered back in 2007, and transferred to Verizon in 2008. These two domains, and, may be lined-up to be part of an upcoming marketing campaign, but its clearly been in the works for a while now.

This is not an indication that the iPhone is coming to Verizon, nor is it an admission from Verizon that they’ll be releasing the phone.

Article Via TUAW

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