Update: OpenDNS might not be much of a problem for Apple TV users

Since we ran an article yesterday suggesting that OpenDNS and Google DNS could play a part in slowing down iTunes and Netflix traffic, we thought it would only be fair to post an update letting you know that we got an email from Laura Oppenheimer who works for OpenDNS providing additional information on this issue.

Laura contacted us to let us know that David Ulevitch, OpenDNS Founder and CEO, has pointed out that they have arrangements with a number of CDNs, and that using their service shouldn’t be much of an issue for most Apple TV users.

They also pointed out that “with Akamai, especially internationally, it’s still suboptimal. It’s entirely workable, but not as optimal as it could be. “

Ulevitch also pointed out that they have a sufficiently dense network topology to handle streaming iTunes and Netflix in North America, but that they’re open to working with CDNs to make sure that this isn’t an issues in the future.

So there you have it. OpenDNS shouldn’t be a problem for most, and if you’re noticing slow load times you might want to check with your ISP. Not that your ISP will be helpful. They’re probably just going to blame someone else.

That being said, as with any network problem, it’s best to troubleshoot all potential problem vectors. DNS could be one of those problems.

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