Uh Oh: Google Employee Leaves A Nexus Prototype In A Bar

Google Prototype Left In Bar

Remember when an Apple employee left an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar a few years back? Well, it looks like it just happened again; however, this time a Google employee left an LG “Nexus 4” prototype at a San Francisco area bar. Jamin Barton, a bartender at the 500 Club in San Francisco, reportedly told Wired that he found an unclaimed mobile phone after working a shift sometime in September. The phone was labeled “Google” and had a “Not for Resale” sticker stuck to the back of it.

Fast forward to late September. The bartender’s friend, “Dave”, recognized the phone and quickly contacted Google about his friend’s find. Google got pretty ticked off and threatened Dave by telling him that he could be linked to the crime. Brian Katz, Google’s Global Investigations and Intelligence Manager, began to contact management employees at 500 Club and told them that Google could file a lawsuit against them if the phone wasn’t returned.

What makes this story even creepier? When the phone was finally returned to Google on September 20th, Brian Katz reportedly offered the bartender at 500 Club a free phone to keep quiet about the incident.

Either Katz hates the phone, or figures a good story is worth a lawsuit. I mean, why else are we hearing about this now?

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