TV rentals coming at an event on Sept. 7 2010?

If you’ve been reading our site for a while now, you probably remember us bringing up Apple TV television show rentals a while ago now, and we’ve even mentioned the price point. So, it’s not really big news now that Bloomberg has gone ahead and posted the rumour. It’s a slow news day, and these things kind of happen from time to time, but what’s caught my attention is that they’ve even gone ahead and listed September 7th as the day of the event, something no one else has even guessed at to date.

It falls in line with the traditional “iPod Event” Apple plans every single year, so they aren’t really going out on a limb predicting it. If this part of the rumour is true, we will probably start hearing about teaser laced invitations any day now.

So now back to the original rumour: 99 cent rentals in the iTunes store for television content. Bloomberg says that individual episodes will be on iTunes within 24 hours of airing on traditional networks, they’ll be commercial free, and they’ll be ready for the fall season. Oh yeah, and they’ll be streamed through the Apple TV instead of downloaded in the traditional manner. We’re sure the internet service providers will LOVE that.  It seems like a forgone conclusion at this point, and we’d be surprised if something along these lines doesn’t happen in September.  I’m actually pretty excited about the possibility. It’s the first time that I’ve considered replacing my Mac Mini with an AppleTV as my media centre machine.

What does Apple have to do to get you excited about the Apple TV again?  For meit’s iOS, but how about you?

Update: @npann on twitter noticed that September 7th is also the day that the current iPod Touch promotion for back-to-school students ends.  It doesn’t make much sense for Apple to end it on the day they release new ones.   He suggested that the event might actually be a week or two later. An interesting find, and he might just be right.

Article Via Bloomberg

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