TikTok and LunaTik iWatch creators post video of manufacturing process online

Everyone’s got the iWatch (iPod nano plus watch band) craze these days, and I have to say I’m one of them. I’ve been testing out the Griffin Slapcase and loving it, but I’m pretty interested to see where the TikTok team takes their Kickstarter funded project.

Scott Wilson, creator of the TikTok, was kind enough to film his trip to the manufacturing plant in China where the watches are being created, and then put it up online for us to watch.

You can watch the process of the TikTok being created right before your eyes. The video is pretty interesting, especially if you’ve ever wondered how those silicon wrist straps are created in China.

We’d embed the video, but for some reason Kickstarter has disabled that functionality.  So, if you want to see a TikTok being created from scratch, you’ll have to visit the Kickstarter page.

Pretty cool stuff.

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