T-Mobile Offs The Galaxy Note


It looks as if the Samsung Galaxy Note is not long for this world on T-Mobile. David Ruddock, writing for Android Police, says “…we’ve heard from a very reliable industry source that T-Mobile is putting the Galaxy Note on ‘EOL’ (end of life).” Later, he updated his post with the following from T-Mobile: “The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently out of stock online via www.T-Mobile.com; however the device is still available for purchase at select T-Mobile retail stores.”

The sad part is that the Galaxy Note has only been available on T-Mobile since July. Hell, the ridiculous 5.3-inch cellphone-with-a-stylus has only been available on other networks since last October. The world of Android phones is ever-changing, and companies like Samsung don’t have the luxury of making a phone, and sticking with it like Apple does. Why? Well, perhaps it is because they do nothing but try to compete on specs like the mobile phone market of 2012 is the PC market of 1995.

In any case, if you’re dying for a Galaxy Note on T-Mobile, you better get to gettin’. Android Police estimates the official death date will be November 1st, but that is dependent on how long their current stock holds out. If you’re dead set on getting a crazy tablet-phone hybrid with a pointy stick bundled with it, maybe you should just wait for the rumored Galaxy Note 2 to come out.

Source: Android Police
Image Credit: Ben Stanfield

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