Steve is excited about new products. Yup, there’s an S on product.

When Steve Jobs is excited about an upcoming product release we take note. It’s not very often that Jobs displays his excitement for a product so when he does the warning bells go off. Something big must be coming, or is it Jobs signaling the media with his own personal bat signal, I guess we’ll find out on the 27th.

Jobs is quoted as saying, “The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we’re really excited about.” It looks like we’re getting something new and exciting, and given the state of the rumors churning around he internet I’d be a fool to suggest that it’s not a Tablet. The speculation has hit such an all time high that my RSS reader has turned into a Tablet discussion board. After a quick count, approximately twenty percent of the news stories in my inbox have a reference to the Tablet announcement in some way. I don’t ever remember there being this much buzz, not even for the iPhone which surely had a moment in the spotlight before that big announcement.

The quote in the release caught my eye not only because of the reference to a new product being released tomorrow, but also because product had an “S”.  That means that this year might be the kind of year that we see a couple new products from Apple, which hasn’t really happened over the last couple of years.  Recently it has been one product refresh over another, but nothing really new.  It should be an exciting year for Apple Inc. and Apple fans alike, hopefully it all starts tomorrow.  Any guesses on what other products might be nearing the end of Apple’s development pipeline and that might be ready for use by the masses?

[Image Via TechCrunch]

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