Steam for Mac Beta Footage Leaked

If you’re as curious as we are about how Steam for the Mac is going to look, you can stop your quest for app footage. Some guy on YouTube called 2befine has put together some footage (and crappy music), and you can watch the video below. The quality isn’t all that great, but, if you can stomach most screencast videos, this one shouldn’t be too bad.

The screencast doesn’t show off anything revolutionary, but if you’re a gamer like most of us here at Macgasm, you’re thrilled to see anything from Steam running on a Mac.  Originally, the ideal was to ship Steam in April, but it seems like the fine folks at Valve are running a little bit behind. Sadly, Valve is fairly well known for slipping on release dates. We’re not sure how far the release date has slipped, but once there’s word from Valve we’ll be sure to update you.

Again, we apologize for the crappy music. You may want to turn off those speakers before hitting play.

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