Starbucks To Sell Square Readers In Store

Starbucks has just announced via Twitter that it will be starting to stock Square Readers in Starbucks coffee houses. For now, the readers will only be sold in Starbucks stores throughout the United States, though we’re hoping for a worldwide launch soon. Starbucks hasn’t yet announced pricing, but we’d expect the company to sell Square Readers for $10 in store to match the Apple Store. When purchasing Square Readers at the Apple Store, a $10 coupon is included with the device, so we’re expecting the same for Starbucks. You can view Starbuck’s Twitter statement below:

If you’re unaware, Starbucks and Square formed a partnership earlier this year. Starbucks gave Square a $25 million investment and started to accept Square Wallet payments in store.

A Square Reader is a device that allows you to swipe credit cards and accept payments via your iOS or Android device. All transactions are carried out via the Square Register app, which is very feature filled. The app allows merchants to keep inventory as well as generate email receipts. You can use your Square Reader to accept payments for just about anything.

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