Sony loves Apple’s AirPlay


Now that the CES foofaraw is well over, a few interesting tidbits are starting to come to the surface. Specifically, this interesting bit of news about Sony supporting AirPlay made us raise an eyebrow.

Joseph Palenchar, TWICE:

The company added AirPlay to two more wirelessnetwork [sic] HomeShare speakers, bringing the AirPlayequipped [sic] selection of HomeShare speakers to three. Sony also added AirPlay to an iPod-docking speaker and expanded its selection of iPod-docking speakers equipped with embedded stereo Bluetooth.

That’s great news. When you’re an iTunes or iOS user, AirPlay is wonderful. Be it through an Airport Express or an AppleTV, AirPlay makes watching and hearing your favorite content anywhere in your house as easy as a tap or two. More companies supporting Apple’s AirPlay standard is fantastic.

As it stands, playing audio and video from iTunes on your consoles requires a lot of tomfoolery and use of apps like MediaLink and Connect360. Those solutions don’t even support the iTunes DRM scheme. While music no longer has the chains of DRM, the movies and TV shows still do. Let’s hope that this is a good sign, and we’ll see more AirPlay-compatible devices in the near future. Maybe Sony will take the hint, and add it to the PS4? That would certainly be a nice development, but we won’t be holding our breath.

Source: TWICE

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