Social Media Shower Curtain? Yes Please!

If you’re into social media as much as I am, this product will make roughly $18.85 (14.99 euro) magically hop out of your pocket: the Social Media Shower Curtain. Yep, I said it and it’s a real product. The Social Media shower curtain is a pretty funny product that will spice up any geek’s bathroom.

This shower curtain is meant to look like a Facebook wall. It has writing on it from other parts of the bathroom: the shower head, washbasin and bathtub with different jokes written from each of them. The shower curtain also has a clear panel opening — similar to where the profile picture usually appears on the Facebook profile — so you can flash your smiling face through it.

Want this shower curtain for yourself? Head over to Spinning Hat Playful Design’s website for more information. They offer a ton of cool products like Facebook coffee mugs (which I own) and other geeky accessories. Keep in mind that they are based in the UK, so North American orders may take a while to arrive.

Source: Spinning Hat Playful Design
Image Credit: Spinning Hat Playful Design

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