Seesmic Desktop 2: all your network are belong to us

Remember the good old days of Twitter? When it was just this website, you know, and we all had just one twitter account? Now we have twitter, and buzz, and foursquare, and linkedin, and facebook… how do we keep tabs on it all?

Yesterday the Seesmic team launched their new Seesmic Desktop 2, which is the next iteration of their “twitter client”, but really is much more. It is a multi-column, multi-service, realtime social media application, built on Microsoft Silverlight. It introduces a new plugin architecture which allows you to add multiple services to the Seesmic window, providing for near limitless extensibility. Currently with over 40 plugins available, including twitter (in realtime with the Twitter Streams API), facebook, google buzz, foursquare, linkedin, google reader, youtube and many other services. Seesmic has released the SDK for developers to make their own plugins, and has a plugin marketplace where you can find and download new plugins. For now, plugins remain free.

Because the application is based on Silverlight, you must have it installed on your machine as well. From a Mac purist point of view, you may prefer natively coded applications over those running within another platform. However, Seesmic Desktop 2 has the most services integrated into one application, which has major benefits if you want to check all your social media accounts all in one place.

Seesmic Desktop 2 is available here.

Eugene Huo is a Juno Award winning recording engineer, video editor, photographer, and all around Mac geek. His first Mac experience was with the Macintosh Plus. You never forget your first. You can follow him on twitter @gamerparent, and check… Full Bio