Secret Apple hosted iOS developer conference supposedly begins tomorrow

Apple's secret chamber

Hey, wanna know a secret? Business Insider is reporting that there is a secret invite only iOS developer meeting hosted by Apple that begins tomorrow, according to their source. It runs for three days, will be in California, and is a gathering of selected iOS developers to help improve the quality of the apps in the App Store.

Similar to the iPhone Tech Talks Apple hosted last year, this seems to be a more extended and intimate session, giving developers more face to face with Apple Engineers and perhaps even hands-on development help.

The source did not give any more details than that, so we are left with a murky picture of an exclusive invite only developer summit focused on iOS. No session details, none of the invitees, and no outside confirmation whether this is actually happening.

What could Apple be up to? Are they just giving developers some love? Are they hoping to show off the new Mac App Store and have more OS X apps ready at launch? Prepping for the 4.2 release of iOS?

My money is on a special release of Apple hoodies with some kind of secret symbol printed on the inside. If you’re a developer invited to this event, and you get one of these hoodies, let me know. It’ll just be between you and me. I can keep a secret.

Article Via GigaOM

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