Safari 5 to be announced tomorrow at WWDC 10?

Last minute rumors are starting to roll in, and I have to say, I’m starting to get pretty excited for WWDC tomorrow. MacGeneration has some interesting images of a support document from Apple that lists off the new features of Safari 5.

Some of the new features include a Safari Reader, which we assume is a new-wave RSS reader that Apple’s claiming lets people view articles in a “clutter-free” page. Also of note is improved HTML5 support, as well as Bing integration.

Something that has piqued my interest is the mention of a new developer tool that recommends and identifies areas of a website that need to be optimized. Oh yeah, and better DNS prefetching, which should mean that the browser will continue to compete with Opera and Chrome in speed tests.

Yeah, we’re geeky, and we know it—browser updates get us excited.

Article Via MacGeneration (In French)

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