Rolando 2 Quest for the Golden Orchid – Now on App Store

I’m downloading Rolando 2 right now, and you should too!
I really enjoyed the first one and the ‘secret’ levels which Ngmoco put out in an update for us while they we’re developing the new version. It’s one of the best and fun games I’ve played on my iPhone so far.

In this new version, the environment has been changed from a standard looking platformer to a 2.5D system (as you can see in the screenshots above), there are lots of new characters, weapons and vehicles and of course, lots more puzzles to roll, tap and swipe your way through 46 new levels.

Ngmoco has taken advantage of the OS 3.0 with this new version as well, and have introduced Plus+, which enables you to keep a buddy list of people to play against and push notifications for games.

Welcome to the next step in iPhone gaming. Plus+ connects you to a vast community of iPhone gamers across a growing array of iPhone and iPod touch games. have a completionist streak? play to unlock every game award. want to take on the world? vie for a spot on our global leaderboards. feel like starting something? send direct challenges to your friends and step up the competition.

Here is a preview in which developer Simon Oliver shows off some new features including new ways to get revenge on enemies and new traps that await in Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid!

iTunes Link Requires firmware 3.0. $9.99 / £5.99

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