Repurpose an old iPod as a cigarette case

While I’m not a smoker, I can appreciate a good hack when I see one, and this iPod mod is no different.

Flickr (boobies be at that link) user Marianne Wilson has been holding onto what looks to be a broken 5th gen iPod for quite some time. Unable to simply throw away such a classic device, she repurposed it into a cigarette case.

Marianne gutted the iPod, making sure to keep the hard drive on hand to retrieve her songs later, and admits she isn’t even a smoker, which we think adds a bit of irony, but art is art.

She plans to either find something else to store in the case, or give it to a smoker, hopefully in exchange for something equally as awesome!

If you’ve got a bad ass Apple mod of your own, be sure to get ahold of us

Image Credit: Marianne Wilson (nsfw)
Via: Unplggd 

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