Patent wars: Apple vs. Nokia

In October 2009, Nokia complained to a United States federal court that Apple, Inc. infringed on 10 of their telecommunications patents.

The below graphic neatly summarizes the patent charges:

Fast forward to present day December 2010. Nokia’s grievances increased to 75 complaints of patent infringement over the past 14 months. Today, this is what the patent charges look like:

Currently, the finished document spans 19 pages (“moves”), 11 reference pages, 31 PDF slides, and more than 75 patents. Oh, and did we mention the various “moves” are being heard by seven different courts? (Among them: Delaware and Dusseldorf.)

Nokia must think they’re the victim in this situation, as this kind of case must carry hefty legal fees. As a company, they’ve got major cajones to stand up to behemoth Apple in court. At the least, they should be given respect for their attempt.

However, it’s not for us to say who infringed on whom. Rather, in an idealistic world, it’s hoped that the justice system will rule based on fact. A multi-billion dollar payoff would be nice, but intellectual property is priceless.

Article Via Fortune

Photo Credit: FOSS Patents

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