Palm Pre now syncable.

It’s okay, I get it, some of you might have a palm pre. Being fair, it’s probably a great phone and I’ve never physically gotten my hands on one, so I can’t really say with any degree of certainty that the iPhone is a better device. I’d love to try one out though, so if you’re feeling generous and know someone at Palm, drop them my email! Anyway, some great news came down the wire today for Pre owners. You can now sync your Palm Pre with your Mac. Thank goodness! I wouldn’t be able to live with out sync capabilities on my phone, it’d be like a trip back to the stone age!

The Folks over at Mark Space made it happen, so throw some high fives there way!


Sync contacts from Address Book on your Mac with your Pre. Add or edit contacts and the changes sync automatically.


Take your favorite music with you. The Missing Sync works with iTunes.¹ Don’t just transfer songs. Sync playlists!


Transfer pictures you take with your Pre into iPhoto. And sync iPhoto albums with the Pre Photos app, too.


Create ringtones from your favorite songs using the built-in editor.¹ Or, use included ringtones to customize your Pre.

Docs and Files

For school. For work. PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Sync them all, then view them on your Pre.

Proximity Syncâ„¢

Sync without thinking! Contacts and calendars sync automatically over WiFi when your Pre is near your Mac.


Keep calendars from iCal or Entourage in sync with your Pre. Sync your schedules – work, home, school and play.

Video and Home Movies

The Missing Sync converts and transfers digital video and movies for optimum viewing on the Pre.¹


Take your podcasts to-go. Transfer Smart Playlists of the audio and video podcasts you subscribe to.

Safari Bookmarks – Coming Soon²

View your favorite web sites on the Pre. Transfer bookmarks from your Mac to the Fliq Bookmarks² app.

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