Netflix engineer discusses WebKit on embedded devices

Apple’s WebKit is the backbone to many things these days. From iPhone to Android and from your favorite browser to your favorite gaming console, chances are that some of the content you see is rendered by WebKit. In this video, one of NetFlix’s user interface engineers takes the stage at HTML5 Dev Conf to discuss the pros, cons, tips, and tricks of running a WebKit-based application on devices like the PS3 and low-end smartphones.

Netflix delivers highly dynamic WebKit based UIs to televisions, game consoles and Blu-ray players. Matt [the UI engineer] will discuss fluid animation with hardware acceleration; achieving high framerates using accelerated compositing; responding to constant user input; as well as balancing strategies for best performance on over 450 high-end to low-end devices.

If you’re curious about why your Netflix client doesn’t update the information immediately if you start scrolling quickly, this is a good explanation. If you’re a developer, he gives some decent tips about how to make your app run decently on low-end equipment. Good advice, and I’ll bet there are very few companies with more experience in this realm than Netflix.

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Hat tip to WebKitBits

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