Need To Stun Someone? There’s A Case For That!

Yellow Jacket Promo from Loupe Theory Studios on Vimeo.

While we’ve seen some pretty crazy iPhone cases here at Macgasm, this may be the craziest yet. The Yellow Jacket case for iPhone 4/4S not only protects your iPhone but will protect you as well.  The Yellow Jacket case features a backup battery and a stun gun. Yes, a stun gun. The Yellow Jacket case will reportedly administer a 650,000 volt shock in just under two seconds. The creators of the case claim that this is enough to halt an aggressive adult male. They have also claimed that the case is painful, loud and disorienting, so make sure it doesn’t misfire in your pocket. That would really suck.

Want one of these cases for yourself? While they’re not available for purchase yet you can help fund their $100,000 goal on Indiegogo. If you pledge at least $85 they will send you a brand new Yellow Jacket stun gun case for your iPhone when it officially launches. And don’t worry Android users, Yellow Jacket has promised Android models are coming in the near future.

Source: Yellow Jacket via Red Ferret via Cult of Mac

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