Mount Your iPod Nano Anywhere With The iHook

I’ll be the first to admit it: I bought an iPod nano 6G when it launched in 2010, used it as a watch for a while, and haven’t done much with it since. And while I’ll probably do something similar when the next iPod nano launches at an upcoming Apple event, I’m stuck on what to do with my current nano. Should I sell it or do something creative with it? It looks as if the folks at have answered that question for me with their new Kickstarter project, the iHook.

The iHook is a pretty unique product. It allows you to mount your iPod nano to pretty much any surface via adhesive, a screw or even a zip-tie. And while it’s ideal to use the iHook in a car, those of us who don’t own one can mount our iPods to our iMacs, desks or anywhere else in your office or home. The iHook will only be available in packs of three, so you can stick your iPod anywhere you can imagine. Well, except there.

If you’re curious, the iHook will be made out of anodized aluminium and will be available in colors to match the iPod nano line. The iHook holds your iPod up at a slight angle too, great for viewing. Finally, to get your nano into the mount, all you have to do is use the iPod’s built in clip to attach it to the iHook. While you can use your iPod for many purposes once it’s docked, I would probably mount it to my monitor and use it as a desk clock.

If you would like to preorder a pack of iHooks for yourself, head on over to the iHook Kickstarter page and pledge $25 for a three pack or $75 for a nine pack. If you’re early, you can pledge $50 for a nine pack.

Of course, you’ll be taking a bit of a gamble with Apple getting ready to make some new announcements next week. Keep that in mind before you pledge your hard earned cash for this one.

How much better would the nano be with Bluetooth or AirPlay built in? Seriously.

Source & Image Credit: Kickstarter

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