Two new Mac software bundles: MacUpdate and Indie Mac Gift Pack

MacUpdate and a collection of indie developers are each offering a hugely discounted software bundles for the holiday season. They’re both only available for a limited time, so don’t wait around too long before you check them out. Software bundles do seem a great idea because even if you already own one or two of the software packages in the bundle, you can always pass on the authorization code to a friend or family member. It’s a win-win situation!

The Indie Mac Gift Pack has been put together by six indie developers. Software included with the bundle include:

Delicious Library 2 – Track your collections
Acorn 2 – Image editor
MarsEdit 3 – Write, preview, publish your blog
Radioshift – Listen and record radio stations
SousChef – Search over 195,000 recipes
Sound Studio 4 – Record, edit and produce audio

The Indie Mac Gift Pack has six different software packages, all for $60 down from $272. The software have no limitations, are the latest versions, and they are all for sale from the developers, not some huge corporation, which means there’s a feel-good factor when you buy this bundle.

The second bundle I’m excited about is brought to us by MacUpdate, and there are 12 programs available for $49 regular $534. There are only just over 8 days left (at the time of writing) to pick this bundle up.

MacUpdate offers you a variety of different types of software, from FTP to publisher programs. It also includes 1Password, which is totally worth the cash!

Software included:

1Password – Password Manager
MacFamilyTree – Geneology app
DEVONthink – Organization software
Flux – XHTML and CSS web design
Default Folder X – Enhances open/save dialogs
Art Text + Fonts – Create high quality logos, headings, banners.
Swift Publisher – Make cards, certificates, letterheads, and more
Chronories – Diary app
Interarchy – FTP/SFTP client
Typinator – Auto-completes text as you type

There is also a little bonus of 2 free apps if you are within the first 10,00o to order. The first is Mail Stationary which adds 300 templates to the Apple Mail app, and the second is Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 game from Aspyr Media.

The MacUpdate software bundle is available here: mupromo

Indie mac gift pack is available here: indiemacgiftpack

Article Via Macrumors

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