Lodsys sues six more, New York Times included

This is what Twitter for iPad's autocorrect thinks of Lodsys.Today, Lodsys filed patent infringement lawsuits in east Texas against six companies that have litigation pending against the patent-holding firm.

The companies named in the newest batch of suits include DriveTime Automotive Group, ESET, ForSee Results, LivePerson, OpinionLab and the New York Times company. Lodsys is claiming that these companies are in violation of patents held by the group.

All of these suits were filed in eastern Texas, an area of the country where the courts are prone to back patent trolls like Lodsys. However, the six companies named today were already in litigation with Lodsys in Arizona, California and Illinois. Attempting to move the suits may cost Lodsys some money, but also may help their chances at winning.

This, of course, is just another example in a long line of cases started by Lodsys, several of which include iOS developers.

Via: Macworld
Source: FOSS Patents

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