iLife 10 shipping in September?

iLife 09 is getting a little bit long in the tooth, and we’d fully expect an update sooner rather than later. Apparently we’re not the only ones either. Amazon UK has posted up a place holder page for iLife ’10 Pour Les Nuls (For Dummies). The page doesn’t have much information about what to expect, but the product details does point out that the publication date is September 23, 2010.

I did a quick check of Wiley’s Fall Catalogue; there’s no English version of this For Dummies book, but there are portable genius books coming for both iLife and iPhoto. Problem is, there’s no mention of them being for iLife 10 or iPhoto 10.

Apple has traditionally held “Special Events” in September that focus on iPods and other software innovations, so the rumoured shipping date for the “For Dummies” book coincides with Apple announcements.

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