Google Voice comes to the iPhone, kinda.

Well, you all might remember back around mid 2009 that Google voice was planning on releasing their iPhone app for Google Voice. All was happy in the tech world, right? Google Voice users would no longer have to pay for a 3rd party app. Then all of a sudden all google voice 3rd party apps were yanked from the app store, and Apple REJECTED Googles official app! What?! The battle went on for a while. Google blamed Apple. Apple blamed AT&T, and then AT&T blamed Apple. Google finally announced that they would make a web app that worked just like their native application. That day has finally come.

Today, January 26 2010, google updated their google voice web app with a whole new look. This is a drastic change from their first web app. You can send and receive SMS through the app. When placing a call though, you will input the number you want to call and google will then call you so it can connect the call. It is still a bit of a work around, but now it is in a much prettier package. Sadly this is probably as close as iPhone users will ever get to an actual Google Voice application, unless they jailbreak their phones.

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