Google Starts Labelling Flash Sites In Mobile Search Results

Though Flash has been on the decline for quite some time, more than a few websites still use the platform to power their content. Since all modern mobile OSes do not support the platform, it’s annoying to come across websites with a foundation in Flash while searching for content online. Google has started labelling Flash-filled websites on its mobile search site.


The warning simply notifies users that the website they’re about to view uses Flash, and that it may not run on their device. Users can opt to try and load the page anyway, or they can simply choose another listing in their search results.

It’s ironic that Google is labelling these websites. Until Android 4.1, the company prided itself in supporting Flash in Android while the iPhone has been Flash-less since it launched in 2007. It was actually a major point of differentiation that took center stage in marketing. Steve Jobs even penned an open letter to the public titled, Thoughts on Flash.

Image Source: Azlan DuPree

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