Fashionista and a Geek? Clothes will soon power your gadgets.

How often do you find yourself with a dead iPhone or iPod and nowhere to charge it? A dress that is being featured tonight at the annual Cornell Design League Fashion Show could ensure that this never happens to you again. The dress contains cotton fibres that are coated with electrically conductive nanoparticles. The coating is thin enough that the flexibility of the cotton is maintained, allowing it to be woven or knit and comfortably worn. These fibres are used to construct solar cells that feed into a USB charger that is tucked into the waist of the dress. The power generated is perfect for charging smartphones and MP3 players. This technology was developed in the laboratory of Juan Hinestroza, assistant professor of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, in collaboration with the universities at Bologna and Cagliari, Italy. The dress was designed by Abbey Liebman, one of Dr. Hinstroza’s student. Of course this technology does not have to be limited to dresses. I am already cringing at the double entendres that such technology is bound to generate. Can I plug my iPhone into your underwear? Your bra sure gives me a charge. And so on.

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