Chinese communists briefly enter the tablet market with the Red Pad

RedpadThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that last month state-run media outlets began promoting a communism-themed iPad competitor decked out in red trim. Built on Android and sporting a 9.7-inch display, it would be hard to tell this apart from any Chinese tablet except for all of the idealogical rhetoric.

Like many other electronic tablets, the Red Pad features swipe control of apps, a touchscreen, an A9 dual-core processor, 16GB of flash storage. WiFi and 3G connectivity. But unlike more proletariat tablets that tout the ability to run Angry Birds, the Red Pad comes loaded with apps that tap into the latest in Party Thought, like “E-Politics Square.” Others track the Weibo postings of senior leaders as well as their movements.

Don’t get too excited though, you little political idealist, you. If you wanted to buy one, it would cost 9,999 yuan or roughly $1,584 USD. If you wanted some of the premium communist services it offered, you would need to drop another 3,800 yuan or roughly $600 USD. That’s pretty expensive. Well, even if you wanted one, it looks like the Chinese Government is doing its damnedest to erase knowledge that this has ever existed after it received substantially negative reviews. I just want to pinch your oh-so-predictable cheeks, Chinese government.

Don’t fret, freshman political theory majors, if you really want to red-up your iPad, the WSJ points out that you can buy Mao’s little red book for the iPad for only $2.99 USD. Phew!

Source: WSJ

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