The case of the missing Mac Pros: updates looming?

Could it be? Could the Mac Pro lineup finally be getting a refresh that professionals have been expecting for a while? MacRumors seems to think so, and their readers agree. After checking availability at multiple Apple stores around the globe it seems like the Mac Pro could be getting a new spec bump at the very least.

That makes three major update rumors in the last two weeks. Last week it was rumoured that the iMac and MacBook Air lineup had their production cycles slowed down, if not completely halted, to brace for an update. So could we be seeing new iMacs, MacBook Airs, and new Mac Pros in the upcoming weeks. It’s highly unlikely that all three will be unveiled at the same time, unless they’re only getting spec boosts.

System boosts tend to take place in the middle of the night while no one’s paying attention to Apple’s website. If anything the iMacs and Mac Pros fall into this category, whereas the MacBook Air could be delayed until a major Apple event. Given the key differences in the rumours, it would make sense for Apple to plan a press event around the unveiling of the new MacBook Airs. Rumours last week hinted at a completely new device.

If you’re in the market for any of these machines, it might be smart to take a moment and evaluate the rumours before you purchase a new machine. There’s nothing worse than buying a new machine only to have a new model come out the next day. But, in all fairness, these are just rumours, and it could be upwards of six months to a year before anything comes to fruition on this front.

Welcome to the world of Apple rumours. It’s a vicious cycle.

Article Via Apple Insider

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